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I am also going to have a booth at Awesome Con in DC this weekend, but I will not be personally present as I will be in Seattle! My friends Nitin and Nick will be running the booth for me, stop by and be nice to them! :) 

Above is a small sample of available prints, but I will have many more at the con! The booth is in the exhibitors section, not artist alley!

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Hey everyone! I will be selling at Sakuracon in Seattle this weekend! Above is a small sample of my available prints (I will have even more at the con!)

Please stop by and say hello. If you bring me a latte or something vegetarian to eat, you’ll earn my undying love (and a free print).

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striderave asked: I saw your Bioshock print today! My friends wants to buy it SO bad. I might chip in and help her get it tomorow! How much was it again? It's the one with a lady in a blue dress.

Hey! Thanks for the interest in the print! It’s $15 and all the prints are buy 2 get one free (so 3 for $30!)